Support the local small town businesses!" - Stacy H.

"Fun destination, must see. Loved her other shop can only imagine what she has in store now."
- Gayle V. 

"First time visiting the shop and having a quilt done. Betty did an EXCELLENT job!! I am so happy with the way the quilt came out. I made a quilt top using my father's shirts. Betty took excellent care of it and got it done in no time! I live two hours away and she was nice enough to ship it to me!! It arrived in the mail yesterday and I was in tears when I saw the quilt. Of course because it has sentimental meaning to me, but also because it looked soooooooo good!" - Jaclyn M.

"Betty does amazing job on the quilts. I told her what I wanted on the blanket and she came up with a design and made the perfect blanket for my niece who has lost her father.. I would recommend betty's quilting to anyone. Thank you so much betty!!!!!" - Eleshia W.

"First time visiting this shop, in the middle of no where but well worth the drive. Very friendly, helpful. And great price on the fabrics and quilting. It was great being in your shop on Friday. Thanks so much, will be back soon." - Shari J.

"I don't know exactly how many quilts Betty has done for me but she does fabulous work! I ship to her and she does everything else including mailing it back! I am beyond satisfied!" - Pat F.

"I had an old quilt my grandma made for me when I was young ,well over the years it started to fall apart I really didn't want to part with it so I had Betty repair it for me.. She did an excellent job!! That quilt is 50 years old,, thank you Betty" - Diana D.

"I think she did an excellent job. Though I always think we all need to leave some room for improvement. I haven't a clue as to what you could improve on though. Your jobs are marvelously done." - Jean S.

"Absolutely awesome...Betty's talent and skill are marvelous; however, as you can clearly see, there's a great deal of heart that goes into every fiber of her product. I don't even own one yet and know I need to purchase. PRICELESS!!" - Peggy S.

"I am thrilled with the quilting work Betty has done for me. She's my go to Quilter!!!" - Bev K.

"You do excellent work! I love the wall hanging for my mom's house and my pillow." - Rachel I.